Deploy Defaults

The majority of fields on the SingularityDeployRequest and SingularityDeploy objects are optional. However, many of these values have request level or system-wide defaults to fall back on when not set. The list below contains a list of deploy properties, relevant SingularityRequest or SingularityConfiguration fields, and their defaults. Config fields are in the SingularityConfiguration unless otherwise specified


deploy field config field default value
unpauseOnSuccessfulDeploy false


deploy field config field default value
deployHealthTimeoutSeconds deployHealthyBySeconds 120
healthcheckProtocol HTTP
healthcheckIntervalSeconds healthcheckIntervalSeconds 5
healthcheckTimeoutSeconds healthcheckTimeoutSeconds 5
healthcheckPortIndex 0
considerHealthyAfterRunningForSeconds considerTaskHealthyAfterRunningForSeconds 5
loadBalancerPortIndex 0
skipHealthchecksOnDeploy SingularityRequest.skipHealthchecks false
healthcheckMaxRetries healthcheckMaxRetries 0
healthcheckMaxTotalTimeoutSeconds healthcheckMaxTotalTimeoutSeconds No Timeout
deployInstanceCountPerStep All Instances
deployStepWaitTimeMs 0
autoAdvanceDeploySteps true
maxTaskRetries defaultDeployMaxTaskRetries 0
shell false if cmd line args are present, true otherwise
containerInfo.type MESOS